Edwin Osgood Grover

Professor of Books

Rollins College, 1926-1947


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  This website gives information on Edwin's biography, his growing up years in New England, College at Dartmouth, his career as a printer, publisher and editor (mostly of textbooks, art and school supplies), and his  overriding interest in art and poetry, the American Craftsman movement. He always said: "The best business of all, is the business of making good." And he did make good, for his family, his businesses, his college, and the City of Winter Park. Like no one else, he had a tremendous influence on the lives of his students and associates. Select from the list of topics below: they include text, images, documentary film clips, and links.

  •  Professor of Books at Rollins College in Winter Park 1926-1949
  • Grover, Holt, and the Animated Magazine
  • Grover and the Libraries
  • Grover and the Winter Park Literary Scene
  • Publications on Edwin Grover
  • The Grover Biography: Overview
  • Grover's Youth in New England
  • Salesman, Editor and Publisher in Boston, Chicago and New York
  • The Grover Family of Bethel,

Thaddeus Seymour gives a summary of what Edwin Grover means to Rollins College and the City of Winter

Park at the New Leaf Bookstore (Winter Park Library).

  • Mertie and Edwin Grover's work in Hannibal Square
  • Jack Connery and Edwin Grover founding Mead Botanical Garden
  • What people said about Edwin Osgood Grover
  • Who we are (if you want to know)
  • The documentary and biography
  • Ed Gfeller's bio
  • How to contact us with suggestions, questions, or anything on your mind

Clips of the Edwin Osgood Grover Documentary can be found  at:

  • Part 1: Grover Biography. Go to >Biography. 16'54"
  • Part 2: The Animated Magazine. Go to > Rollins College > The Animated Magazine. 12'31"
  • Part 3: Grover and the Libraries. Go to > Rollins College > Libraries. 23'25"
  • Part 4: Grover, Connery and Mead Garden. Go to > Mead Garden. 18'34"
  • Part 5: The Later Years and Eyewitness Accounts. Go to > Biography. (bottom of page) 17'29"

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